About Us

Welcome to freshmen class. Welcome to tenured FRESHMEN.

It all started when I noticed my boys interest in the designs I created for other companies. Their questions and/or suggestions about graphics like, "you should add this", "why can't you do that" or "it would be cool to do this", gave me the idea to create shirts for the boys to wear that expressed their actual interests and passions. I began taking inspiration from their ideas (always skulls) and blending them with my own passion and knowledge to create tenured FRESHMEN.

tenured FRESHMEN is a blend of youthful optimism with the seasoned experience of being an adult. It's a thought that we can stay young through our child's lives and lend them the experience to navigate through life's tricky scenarios. A shared experience of ideas and design, between father and son, older sibling to younger sibling or peer to peer.

As a father, my hope is to inspire my kids (all kids) to be creative and expressive. I encourage the spread of love, compassion, understanding and kindness. We need to build our kids up, allow them to teach us and inspire us. We must empower them, help them be brave and always reinforce how brilliant they are. We must capitalize on the unique strengths of each child, in hope that they will be better than us. Our kids are our future leaders, let's help them become leaders we can all be proud of.

Made for the kid, by the kid, in all of us.